What is component separation?

Although hernias can develop in a number of ways, in the case of an abdominal hernia, an organ or section of fatty tissue pushes through a separation in the abdominal muscles. As such, a component separation is recommended in cases where it is necessary to restore the function of the abdominal wall.

What does the procedure involve?

During a component separation, certain parts of the abdominal wall are cut to allow the separate muscle sections to move. This allows muscles that have retracted to the side to be pulled together in the centre to close the defect. The sections are then joined together with sutures, which helps to restore the proper function of the abdominal muscles. In some cases, a mesh is used to reinforce the hernia repair.  You will have multiple suction drains and abdominal bracing post operatively. You will need to keep the brace on for three to six months. You must avoid heavy lifting for three months. There will be discomfort and decreased movement for three months.